Music With A Mission

On January 13th, 2015, August Gate Music released it's second album, "From the Cornfield to the Shore". This album was birthed from the vision of Kevin Wright, our Metro East Gathering Pastor. Here what Kevin has to say about his first full-length album:

Raising kids is hard work.  As a father of 5, I feel pretty qualified to make that statement.  It means sleepless nights, desperate conversations, and the burden and weight of guiding them into adulthood.  And still, most parents would say it’s the greatest joy of their lives.  To hear my kids say “daddy” and to see them grow and mature is pure blessing to me.

Through this album, we want to make that same joy possible for families who are seeking adoption.  These are the facts:  there are well over 100 million orphans in the world.  There are countless families who start in on the journey to adopt, only to find that they cannot afford it.  Believing the Word of God, that we’ve been adopted and made family through Jesus, our goal is to help make these adoptions possible by raising $10,000 for the August Gate Adoption Fund.

We’re excited about this music.  We’re ready for the world to hear it and enjoy it.  But more than anything, it’s a vehicle for mission.  It’s a means of living out the Gospel and placing a high importance on something that is close to the heart of God.

Whether it’s music, mission, or both for you, we hope you’ll take this journey with us.